Trash and plastic conveyed in runoff can have major environmental and economic impacts

Enviropod works with regulators and other key stakeholders to provide solutions to prevent trash in waterways.

The Enviropod LittaTrap™ is a leader in trash control that meets stormwater regulations and delivers better urban water outcomes for future generations.

  • The easiest way to eliminate trash & plastic loss through stormwater drains
  • Simple and quick to install and maintain
  • Deployed and delivering across North America
  • California State Water Board Certified
Storm water drain filter
LittaTrap installed in Manhole

Adjustable and Flexible

Modular system to fit even the most
challenging infrastructure. 

LittaTrap Liners

Meet Full Capture Requirements

The LittaTrap™FC has a full capture liner to capture all particles 5mm and larger

Storm drain grate with LittaTrap drain filter

Low cost solution

Lowest cost treatment available.
No construction equals low capital costs.

Proven Performance

Read our case studies to find out how we work with municipalities, consultants and private business to reduce trash in waterways.

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Our Latest Project

Full Capture installed for City of Colton

The City of Colton Public Works approved the use of the LittaTrap Curb Inlet Filter FC Model for installation at 10 x municipal catch basin locations along public streets.

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Studies support that 80% of trash is generated on land

Stormwater is generated by rain or snowmelt events that flow over land or impervious areas, typically from streets and parking lots, which often carries with it trash and other pollutants. In areas with combined sewer systems, this runoff is sent to a treatment plant before being discharged into local water bodies.

In contrast, in areas with separate stormwater systems, known as Municipal Separate Stormwater Systems (MS4), the stormwater collection system discharges runoff to waterbodies without going through a treatment plant. In high trash generating areas, MS4 can be a major conduit for trash.

Copy taken from
More on this: The Clean Water Act and Trash-Free Waters | US EPA

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Proven Performance

For the past 25 years, we have developed and delivered an innovative solution to protect waterways from trash and other pollution.

With over 50,000 installs and working with local governments, municipalities and private businesses and facilities in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, to meet local and federal stormwater quality requirements and regulations, we have successfully prevented tons of trash from reaching the storm water drains that would have been carried into local waterways, and eventually the ocean.