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Certified Full Capture Device by California State Water Board

Only Enviropod delivers at-source stormwater treatment. 

By treating water at source, Enviropod can target site-specific pollutants and create considerable cost savings, meeting trash and storm water quality requirements throughout the USA.



of research and design


devices installed globally



capture of trash larger than 5mm
The Litta Trap Full Capture Inlet Device

Easily installed across a range of inlets

Enviropod patented LittaTrap™ catch basin filters sit inside storm water drains and capture and retain 100% of plastic and trash larger than 5mm.

No two catch basins are the same which can make other inserts difficult or expensive to install. The innovative design of the LittaTrap™ allows for installation across a wide range of inlets, with numerous standard sizes available.

The standard LittaTrap™ can also be enhanced to meet different performance levels such as plastic pellet loss using Enviropod specified liners.

  • Easy installation with fewer parts and a lighter frame
  • Full capture of all trash 5mm and larger
  • Easily maintained by hand
  • Eight year limited warranty
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LittaTrap provides many practical benefits for our customers. From the capture of physical debris (plastics, cigarette butts and sharps etc)…to the retention of sediment in the catch basins, we have found the LittaTrap to be a very effective product.
Aaron Shaver, MInotaur Stormwater Service
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SWIMs have a lot of experience in installing trash control devices (TCD) in California and  we really like the flexibility of the LittaTrap design and ease of install
SWIMs, California
At Pharmapac, being environmentally responsible has
always been a priority for us. We were one of the original manufacturers to be Operation Clean Sweep certified ensuring no plastic pellets or dust leaves our factory site. We invested in LittaTraps from Enviropod & they are fantastic & I would encourage all businesses to invest in these to ensure no rubbish or debris reaches the ocean.
Ally hopwood, sustainability manager, pharmapac
The Enviropod LittaTrap is a high performing catch basin insert capable of capturing fine sediments and associated pollutants such as heavy metals. Independent testing has shown the system removes over 90% of particles greater than 100 microns in size.
Brampton Public Works, Canada

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June 6, 2022

Enviropod's new Regional Sales Manager for the Great Lakes Region

Enviropod Canada, Ltd is pleased to announce the hiring of Mr. Barry Irwin, our new Regional Sales Manager for the Great Lakes Region.

Operation Sweep the Creek: Taking action against plastic pellet pollution
February 21, 2022

Operation Sweep the Creek: Taking action against plastic pellet pollution

An exciting project with key stakeholders to reduce pre-production plastic pellet pollution and ultimately help improve Great Lakes’ water quality.

A Year in Review
December 13, 2021

A Year in Review

Greg Yeoman, President, Enviropod International shares his view of the past year

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