cleaner waterways

The Enviropod 200 is the next generation gully pit insert with improved performance, longevity and easier installation and maintenance.

Adjustable and Flexible

With fewer parts and a lighter frame, the installation process is easy and saves you time

Ideal pre-treatment

Capture sediments, litter, debris,TSS, nutrients, metals, and hydrocarbons

Easy to maintain

Patented batten basket allows easy hand maintenance when full or at capacity

Installed with 200 micron liner

Complete capture of gross pollutants ≥ 200 micron

The EnviroPod 200  is effective as a pre-treatment device for use in a treatment train with hydrodynamic separators, filtration devices, ponds and wetlands. In many cases, it is often the most practical solution for retrofits. Independently trialled and tested by city councils throughout Australia and New Zealand, the EnviroPod 200 is the most specified and installed pit insert in Australasia.

  • Complete capture of gross pollutants 5mm or larger
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Supported by an eight year limited waranty
  • Globally tested and installed
SWIMs have a lot of experience in installing trash control devices (TCD) in California and  we really like the flexibility of the LittaTrap design and ease of install
SWIMs, California
"Between June-December 2019, a single LittaTrap caught a total of 473 gross pollutants. Almost 60 percent of all pollutants were cigarettes."
Pedestrian Hotspot Study, City of Barrie
The Enviropod LittaTrap is a high performing catch basin insert capable of capturing fine sediments and associated pollutants such as heavy metals. Independent testing has shown the system removes over 90% of particles greater than 100 microns in size.
Brampton Public Works, Canada