Now available nationwide throughout Australia

cleaner waterways

The EnviroPod200™️ is the next generation gully pit insert with improved performance, durability and easier installation and maintenance.

Enviropod Adjustable and Flexible Inlet Filter

Adjustable and Flexible

With fewer parts and a lighter frame, the installation process is easy and saves you time

Ideal pre-treatment

Capture sediments, litter, debris,TSS, nutrients, metals, and hydrocarbons

Enviropod Inlet Filter Easy Maintenance

Easy to maintain

Patented batten basket allows easy hand maintenance when full or at capacity

Enviropod Inlet Filter Full Capture Liner

Installed with 200 micron liner

For complete capture of gross pollutants ≥ 200 micron

The EnviroPod200™️ gully pit insert is ideal as a pre-treatment device for use in a treatment train with hydrodynamic separators, filtration devices, ponds and wetlands when managing urban stormwater runoff.

The EnviroPod200™️ is often the most practical solution for retrofits or when including a treatment device in a stormwater management plan.

Independently trialled and tested by city councils throughout Australia and New Zealand, the EnviroPod200™️ is the most specified and installed pit insert in Australasia.

  • Complete capture of gross pollutants 5mm or larger
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Supported by an eight year limited waranty
  • Globally tested and installed
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“The team at Enviropod take an innovative approach when designing their products to protect our waterways of pollutants such as cigarette butts, sediments and other contaminants. The Enviropod 200 is easy to install, light weight and durable and is quickly becoming a favourite with our customers”
chris capstick, civilmart
“Renew Solutions have been installing and maintaining the Enviropod product for many years. The product has certainly progressed and we are quite impressed with the compactness, durability and functionality of the new Enviropod200. It has certainly been easy and efficient to install, saving onsite time, materials and equipment. ”
“We have been working with Enviropod International to supply their technology as a Value Added Product (VAP) to the Australian market. The flexibility of the new generation Enviropod’s design allows contractors quick and easy installation and maintenance on site. The Enviropod filter is performance verified and the team of Engineers at Enviropod have the expertise to  assist with any technical questions”
BEn mancienne, Reece