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Enviropod is the leading stormwater
gully pit basket provider in Australia meeting
water quality requirements.

Our technologies are easy to install and maintain
with targeted performance.



of research and design


devices installed globally


pieces of plastic & litter stopped on average by each unit annually
Our Solution

The EnviroPod200 is Enviropod's leading gully pit insert, backed by 25 years of research and development and 20,000 installations across Australia.

The new design of the EnviroPod200 is easier
to install and maintain with operational and
longevity improvements.

The EnviroPod200 is used and approved across Australia to meet regulatory requirements.

  • Easy installation with fewer parts and a lighter frame
  • The EnviroPod200 captures gross pollutants, sediment,
    nutrients and heavy metals
  • Easily maintained by hand
  • Eight year limited warranty
“The team at Enviropod take an innovative approach when designing their products to protect our waterways of pollutants such as cigarette butts, sediments and other contaminants. The Enviropod 200 is easy to install, light weight and durable and is quickly becoming a favourite with our customers”
“Renew Solutions have been installing and maintaining the Enviropod product for many years. The product has certainly progressed and we are quite impressed with the compactness, durability and functionality of the new Enviropod200. It has certainly been easy and efficient to install, saving onsite time, materials and equipment”
Charles Coathup, renew solutions
“We have been working with Enviropod International to supply their technology as a Value Added Product (VAP) to the Australian market. The flexibility of the new generation Enviropod’s design allows contractors quick and easy installation and maintenance on site. The Enviropod filter is performance verified and the team of Engineers at Enviropod have the expertise to  assist with any technical questions”
Ben Mancienne, REECE

Latest News

Toyota leading the way in protection of waterways
June 8, 2021

Toyota leading the way in protection of waterways

Enviropod has worked with Toyota on a New Zealand rollout of LittaTraps to prevent litter reaching the waterways

Installing a LittaTrap will stop plastic reaching the ocean
Media Release
June 1, 2021

Installing a LittaTrap will stop plastic reaching the ocean

A study in Northland, New Zealand installed LittaTraps to understand litter hotspots in the area.

Enviropod in Australia headed by key stormwater consultant
March 23, 2021

Enviropod in Australia headed by key stormwater consultant

Enviropod is very pleased to welcome Peter Grainger to our Australian team

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