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Discover the EnviroBasin™ - an entirely new approach to stormwater treatment.

This all-in-one, pre-installed device incorporates the revolutionary capture power of the LittaTrap™ inlet filter with additional flow-modifying components that enhance the capture and retention of trash and sediment.

Installed in a concrete catch basin, the EnviroBasin™ offers a deeper sump to provide greater storage capacity, efficiently conveys peak stormwater flows without resuspension, and features a large sediment storage volume and separate trash storage for easy maintenance.

Installing an EnviroBasin reduces the need for stormwater infrastructure further downstream compared to a traditional OGS, resulting in significant cost savings.

The EnviroBasin™  meets the ETV standard for Oil and Grit Separators in Canada.

  • The EnviroBasin is versatile with different configurations and custom designs
  • Alternative to conventional catch basin inlet structures
  • Ideal pre-treatment LID, capturing litter and sediment at source
  • Verified performance and approvals

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Using the EnviroBasin instead of traditional OGS systems reduces the number of stormwater assets installed and maintained, providing significant savings to the land developer and the end-user


The EnviroBasin is a pre-manufactured and easily handled product saving the drainage contractor time and expense in installation.


The system is easy to maintain with a large sediment storage volume and separate litter storage.


Designed and tested in Canada for Canadian infrastructure and climate. Canadian  ETV ISO1400 verified

The EnviroBasin works across multiple site applications and regulations

A green planted stromwater swale

Pre - treatment to LID

Ideal for pre-treatment to Low Impact Design or infiltration using EnviroBasin allows a distributed entry into these drainage structures.

A carpark

Roads and commercial

As a pre-treatment device or as a stand-alone alternative to a catch basin, the EnviroBasin can be used in carpark roads, retail, industrial sites and other high contaminant generating areas.

An aerial view of Toronto city next to the water

Urban coastal areas

Ideal for urban coastal areas such as waterfronts, marinas and ports where catch basins often directly discharge into the ocean or lake.

Our expert team focus on delivering a cost effective solution with a positive environmental impact to our customers

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