The EnviroBasin™ is an 'all-in-one' at-source sediment and litter control device, incorporating the LittaTrap™ Inlet Filter, certified by the California Water Board for 100% capture of litter, with an Enviropod patented Energy Deflector to capture sediment.

The EnviroBasin™ is installed in a pre-cast sump and meets the standard for Oil and Grit Separators in Canada and has been developed and tested for Canada’s large infrastructure and harsh climate.

ETV verified , the EnviroBasin ™ employs screening, energy dissipation , flow distribution and gravitational settling to remove pollutants from stormwater runoff.


Using the EnviroBasin instead of traditional OGS systems reduces the number of stormwater assets installed and maintained, providing significant savings to the land developer and the end-user


The EnviroBasin is a pre-manufactured and easily handled product saving the drainage contractor time and expense in installation.


The system is easy to maintain with a large sediment storage volume and separate litter storage.


Designed and tested in Canada for Canadian infrastructure and climate. Canadian ETV verified.

The EnviroBasin™  treats stormwater at the catch basin by removing pollutants and conveying stormwater back into the pipe network. 

  • Efficiently conveys peak stormwater flows without resuspension.
  • Ideal pre treatment to green infrastructure and LID
  • The EnviroBasin is available in a variety of sizes and configurations.
  • Tested and designed for Canadian conditions

Available across Canada for your latest stormwater project.
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Technical Documentation

Free design and sizing service

Enviropod offers a free design service where the cumulative performance of several EnviroBasin’s can be modelled for a specific project based on local rainfall and treatment needs.

This service allows stormwater consultants to optimize the number and the location of EnviroBasin’s for their projects.

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