Who cleans the LittaTrap™ and won't that be expensive?

We have designed the LittaTrap™ to be lightweight so it can be lifted out by hand, taking away any expensive maintenance costs. If Health & Safety guidelines are followed, anyone can maintain a LittaTrap™. Please see our maintenance video.

How easy is it to install a LittaTrap™?

The LittaTrap™ is easy to install if you have the right equipment. We have an installation instructional guide that goes through the step-by-step process. Please see this here. In some areas we have installation contractors we work with that we can provide details for. Contact us on info@enviropod.com for more details.

Why is the LittaTrap™ so effective?

The LittaTrap™ has been developed by specialist stormwater engineering companyStormwater360 New Zealand who has over 25 years’ experience in developing stormwater management solutions. The LittaTrap™ is a highly engineered solution that accommodates high contaminant & hydraulic loading and has been independently tested in both New Zealand & Canada.

Can the Enviropod200™ be installed in shallow pits?

Yes, we install in shallower pits that most of the competition. Each project is different, so feel free to contact us to see if our product can fit your depth constraints.

What are the benefits of using Enviropod200™ as pretreatment for biofiltration devices?

Our modelling has shown that using our products as pre-treatment can reduce the biofiltration devices required footprint by up to 20 percent.

Do we work with maintenance providers?

Yes, we work with Renew Solutions as a third party maintenance provider to make sure our customers are charged fairly for device upkeep.

Where can I purchase Enviropod™ products?

Enviropod™ products are available at our nationwide distributor REECE (www.reece.com.au).

Is there a MUSIC node available for Enviropod™?

Yes, contact our technical team directly via info@enviropod.com.

Can I still install an Enviropod™ if I have an odd sized or custom inlet?

The Enviropod200™ is a modular device that can suit a range of gully pit inlet sizes, email info@enviropod.com with details and we can provide a design that suits.

What is the basket depth of EnviroPod200™

The depth of the EnviroPod200™ basket is 400mm.

Why would I install a LittaTrap™?

By installing a LittaTrap™ inside a catch basin, all plastic and pollutants caught up in stormwater runoff are retained inside the patented basket, stopping this pollution from reaching the waterways.  

Installation of a LittaTrap™ can also reduce the risk of stormwater infrastructure blocking further downstream by acting as pre-treatment for other treatment devices.

How often will I have to maintain the LittaTrap™?

The LittaTrap™ typically requires maintenance two to four times a year across Canada. The most commonly used unit in Canada is designed with 45 liters of storage capacity, keeping maintenance cycles low.

Please note, this number can vary, and Enviropod recommends regular checks of LittaTrap™ units for the first-year post installation to establish a site-specific maintenance plan.

How do I know if a LittaTrap™ will fit a catch basin?

We have developed a measuring method where we ask you to take photos of the catch basin/s so we can determine the correct size LittaTrap™. We require your assistance by following the step by step instructions on this video.

Please ensure that you have location services turned on your smartphone device. Also, please take note of the Health & Safety recommendations on the video.

Will the LittaTrap™ clog, blind or fill with leaves?

As leaves enter the LittaTrap™ unit, subsequent water pressure compresses incoming leaves and ensures they will lot clog, blind or quickly fill the LittaTrap™ unit. Enviropod does advise maintenance both before and after the fall period to minimize the effect of leaves on overall storage capacity.

What are the available sizes of the LittaTrap™?

The LittaTrap™ is available in the following standard catch basin sizes; 675x450 and 450x450. The LittaTrap™ can also be adapted to fit round manholes. We can also manufacture custom sizes for non-standard catch basin sizes. Please contact a sales representative to discuss on info@enviropod.com

Is the LittaTrap™ hand-maintainable at full capacity?

A standardly sized LittaTrap unit has been designed to ensure viable hand-maintenance at full capacity. Enviropod advises the unit is lifted by two workers who are trained in standard lifting technique with equipment as necessary to avoid putting unnecessary weight on lifters backs.

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