What happens when it snows or rains heavily?

The product has been in use in North America for the last three years including the winter months. There have been no reported problems with the harsh conditions affecting the product. The LittaTrap has been used in temperatures to -30c.  For more info on this contact us at info@enviropod.com

Who cleans the LittaTrap and won't that be expensive?

We have designed the LittaTrap to be lightweight so it can be lifted out by hand, taking away any expensive maintenance costs. If Health & Safety guidelines are followed, anyone can maintain a LittaTrap. Please see our maintenance video.

How easy is the LittaTrap to lift out of catch basin?

The system has been designed with Health and Safety in mind.  When the basket is full we recommend two people lift the basket.  Lifting hooks can also be obtained from EnviroPod that allows a single person to easily lift out when the basket is not completely full. Please see our maintenance video and contact us if you require lifting hooks.

Won't the LittaTrap just clog up with leaves and get blocked?

The LittaTrap has been designed to overcome the problems of simple and earlier catch basin inserts such as leaf traps. While the LittaTrap looks simple it is a highly engineered device that manages the large forces and high flow rates experienced by a stormwater treatment device.  The patented basket is approximately 100 litres in volume (600mm x 600mm LittaTrap) and has a bypass that is designed for approximately 3x the flow that the average catch basin would receive in a 1 in 10 year storm. The LittaTrap is designed to not cause flooding and be easily maintained when full.


How often does the LittaTrap need to be maintained?

The typical LittaTrap maintenance interval is 1 – 2 times a year. We recommend doing this at the start and end of Fall (Autumn).  Leaves andgross solids tend to compress in the device over time and are not a problem if the unit is maintained.  The system has a flow bypass that allows water and debris to travel around the system if it has not been maintained and it is full.

The frequency of maintenance services should be reviewed at the completion of each service and modified if pollutant loadings deem this necessary. If the site has a high pollutant loading more maintenance will be required.  Please see our maintenance instructional LittaTrap video.

How easy is it to install a LittaTrap?

The LittaTrap is easy to install if you have the right equipment. We have an installation instructional guide that goes through the step-by-step process. Please see this here. In some areas we have installation contractors we work with that we can provide details for. Contact us on info@enviropod.com for more details.

Why is the LittaTrap so effective?

The LittaTrap has been developed by specialist stormwater engineering companyStormwater360 New Zealand who has over 25 years’ experience in developing stormwater management solutions. The LittaTrap is a highly engineered solution that accommodates high contaminant & hydraulic loading and has been independently tested in both New Zealand & Canada.

How much does a LittaTrap cost?

Why would I install a LittaTrap?

By installing a LittaTrap inside a catch basin, all plastic and pollutants caught up in stormwater runoff are retained inside the patented basket, stopping this pollution from reaching the waterways.  

Installation of a LittaTrap can also reduce the risk of stormwater infrastructure blocking further downstream by acting as pre-treatment for other treatment devices.

How do I know if a LittaTrap will fit a catch basin?

We have developed a measuring method where we ask you to take photos of the catch basin/s so we can determine the correct size LittaTrap. We require your assistance by following the step by step instructions on this video.

Please ensure that you have location services turned on your smartphone device. Also, please take note of the Health & Safety recommendations on the video.

What are the available sizes of the LittaTrap?

The LittaTrap is available in the following standard catch basin sizes; 675x450 and 450x450. The LittaTrap can also be adapted to fit round manholes. We can also manufacture custom sizes for non-standard catch basin sizes. Please contact a sales representative to discuss on info@enviropod.com

Is the LittaTrap available globally?

Yes, the LittaTrap can be shipped anywhere in the world. The more people that install a LittaTrap, the less plastic there will be in the ocean. Contact us at info@enviropod.com if you would like more information on this.