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The LittaTrap™️ FC is the latest Enviropod technology designed to meet local and regional water quality requirements throughout the USA



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capture of trash larger than 5mm
The LittaTrap FC

The LittaTrap™, Enviropod’s patented catch basin filter, sits inside the storm water drain and its mesh basket is designed to capture and retain 100% of plastic and trash larger than 5mm. The standard LittaTrap™ performance can be enhanced to meet different performance levels by using specified liners.

  • Easy installation with fewer parts and a lighter frame
  • Full capture of all  trash 5mm and larger
  • Easily maintained by hand
  • Eight year limited warranty
LittaTrap provides many practical benefits for our customers. From the capture of physical debris (plastics, cigarette butts and sharps etc)…to the retention of sediment in the catch basins, we have found the LittaTrap to be a very effective product.
Aaron Shaver, MInotaur Stormwater Service
SWIMs have a lot of experience in installing trash control devices (TCD) in California and  we really like the flexibility of the LittaTrap design and ease of install
SWIMs, California
"Between June-December 2019, a single LittaTrap caught a total of 473 gross pollutants. Almost 60 percent of all pollutants were cigarettes."
Pedestrian Hotspot Study, City of Barrie
The Enviropod LittaTrap is a high performing catch basin insert capable of capturing fine sediments and associated pollutants such as heavy metals. Independent testing has shown the system removes over 90% of particles greater than 100 microns in size.
Brampton Public Works, Canada

Latest News

Cleaning up St Lawrence River
April 13, 2021

Cleaning up St Lawrence River

Save the River, the environmental advocate , is looking to Trash Trapping technologies such as the LittaTrap to clean up the St Lawrence River.

The LittaTrap has arrived with Clean Waters, USA!
April 12, 2021

The LittaTrap has arrived with Clean Waters, USA!

Enviropod International has engaged the services of Clean Waters USA, Inc. for sales, distribution & technical support for Enviropod customers in North America.

LittaTrap FC approved by the Mosquito Vector Control Association of California
April 8, 2021

LittaTrap FC approved by the Mosquito Vector Control Association of California

Enviropod developed the latest “Hinged Vector Portal Seal” (HVPC) to maximise unobstructed visual access to MVCAC inspectors.

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