Certified Full Capture Device by California State Water Board

Meet us at CASQA2022

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Where is EMMA?

Find out at CASQA when Enviropod launches its new
Easy Maintenance Manhole Access LittaTrap configuration.

The Enviropod team is looking forward to introducing the Enviropod LittaTrap to CASQA attendees at
Palm Springs, 23 – 27th of October

After two years of attending the virtual conference, we are excited to reconnect with stormwater colleagues and demonstrate the world's leading trash capture
device to our fellow US peers.

Enviropod Adjustable and Flexible Inlet Filter

Modular and Flexible

With fewer parts and a lighter frame, the installation process is easy and saves you time

Enviropod Inlet Filter Full Capture Liner

Hinged Vector Port Seal (HVPS)

Provides full access to view underneath LittaTrap

Enviropod Inlet Filter Easy Maintenance

Easy to maintain

Patented batten basket allows easy hand maintenance when full or at capacity

Enviropod Inlet Filter Full Capture Liner

Full Capture Liner

The LittaTrap™FC has a full capture liner to capture all particles 5mm and larger

The LittaTrap™️ is the latest Enviropod technology deployed and delivering across California to meet California State Water Board Trash Full Capture device requirements. The LittaTrap is an innovative inlet filter that is adjustable and flexible to target a range of contaminants and meets the challenges of catch basin infrastructure.

In use by municipalities and industry across California and the USA
to meet regulatory requirements, talk to us to find out how the Enviropod LittaTrap™ can be used in your next stormwater project.

  • Complete capture of gross pollutants 5mm or larger
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Supported by an eight year limited waranty
  • Globally tested and installed
Storm water drain filter

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