Certified Full Capture Device by California State Water Board

The world’s best trash control device now approved for use in California.

The LittaTrap™ Full Capture (FC) from Enviropod
is the latest Full Capture Trash Device certified in California

  • Full capture of trash 5mm and larger
  • Fits any storm water infrastructure
  • Designed for easy installation and maintenance
Storm water drain filter
Adjustable and Flexible

Adjustable and Flexible

Three standard configurations to fit the most challenging infrastructure 

Access Hatch

Approved Mosquito Vector Control (MVCAC) access

For easy vector inspection

Storm drain grate with LittaTrap drain filter

Designed for easy maintenance

Patented batten basket allows easy hand maintenance when full or at capacity

Available now & being deployed across California 

The LittaTrap™FC Inlet Filter System is ready for use in your next project. Take the next step to remove pollutants from storm water runoff.

Adjustable & Flexible to fit any storm water infrastructure

LIttaTrap drain grate with drain filter
Grate Inlet Filter

Grate Inlet

The innovative design of the LittaTrap allows for installation across a wide range of grate inlets. The LittaTrap has standard sizes and flexibility using simple to use seal kits for high performance installations.

Curb inlet filter and trash capture device
Curb inlet filter

Curb Inlet

The advantage of using a LittaTrap is the modular design. This allows for standard units to fit any curb inlet infrastructure.

Manhole inlet filter
Manhole inlet filter

Manhole Inlet

The LittaTrap can be installed easily within a range of round stormwater infrastructure. We use a bracket which is as easy to install as the LittaTrap itself and round seal kits that provide an optimal flow of water.

Proven Performance

Read our case studies to find out how we work with municipalities, consultants and private business to reduce ocean pollution.

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The LittaTrap is the result of 25 years of committed field work to solve the global storm water trash problem

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