EnviroBasin™ is a cost effective at-source pre-treatment device, improving the longevity and resilience of infiltration and LID green infrastructure.  

EnviroBasin™ reduces the number of stormwater assets installed and lowers a project’s carbon footprint and lifecycle costs, providing significant savings to land developers and municipalities.

The EnviroBasin™ meets the ETV standard for Oil and Grit Separators (OGS) and is the only stormwater separator needed for new infrastructure projects.

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Introducing the EnviroBasin
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Get superior stormwater treatment with the all-in-one, pre-installed EnviroBasin™

LittaTrap Units

Significant Cost Savings

Using the EnviroBasin™ instead of traditional Oil and Grit Separator (OGS ) systems reduces the number of stormwater assets installed and maintained, providing significant savings to the land developer and the end-user.

An EnviroBasin unit

Plug and play

The EnviroBasin™ is a pre-manufactured and easily handled product saving the drainage contractor time and expense
in installation.

Lifting out a LittaTrap for maintenance

Easy to maintain

The system is easy to maintain with a large sediment storage volume and separate litter storage.

Evening view of Calgary in winter

Developed in Canada

Designed and tested in Canada for Canadian infrastructure and climate. Canadian ETV ISO1400 verified to the equivalent sediment removal as an OGS.

Discover the EnviroBasin™ 
An entirely new approach to stormwater treatment.

The EnviroBasin™ is a preinstalled plug-and-play device that can help you achieve your stormwater quality requirements.

This EnviroBasin™ is designed to capture sediment and trash in water with a 2-stage filtration process – offering a comprehensive protection system.

The pre-cast catch basin has an increased sump for sediment storage and pre-installed components for the easiest of installations.

The LittaTrap™ catches 100% of trash and gross pollutants over 5mm as they enter the basin.

The sump captures particles over 50+ microns and provides storage for spilled hydrocarbons

The EnviroBasin™ meets the ETV standard for Oil and Grit Separators in Canada.

A EnvrioBasin unit

The EnviroBasin™ works across multiple site applications and regulations

A green planted stromwater swale

Pre-treatment to LID

Ideal for pre-treatment to Low Impact Design or infiltration using EnviroBasin™ allows a distributed entry into these drainage structures.

A carpark

Roads and commercial

As a pre-treatment device or as a stand-alone alternative to a catch basin, the EnviroBasin™ can be used in carpark roads, retail, industrial sites and other high contaminant generating areas.

An aerial view of Toronto city next to the water

Urban coastal areas

Ideal for urban coastal areas such as waterfronts, marinas and ports where catch basins often directly discharge into the ocean or lake.

Let's meet for a Lunch and Learn

We will bring lunch to your office if based in Ontario, (or meet virtually if based elsewhere or if that is your preference) and give a presentation to you and your colleagues on the EnviroBasin, our company and how we can help meet your regulatory stormwater management requirements.