Prevent plastic pellet loss
to stormwater

Our innovative solution keeps pre-production plastic pellets
from reaching waterways.

The EnviroPod™ LittaTrap™ protects the stormwater drain from accidental
plastic pellet (nurdles) loss on
plastics manufacturing,
transload & logistic sites.

A stormwater catch basin with a LittaTrap™ installed will capture and retain 100% of plastic and other debris over 5mm. When coupled with an EnviroPod™ patented Plastic Pellet Liner, the LittaTrap™ will further capture all plastic particles greater than 1000 microns (1mm)

  • The easiest way to eliminate plastic loss through stormwater drains
  • 100% capture of particles over 1mm
  • Simple and quick to install and maintain
  • Used on Operation Clean Sweep sites across the world
  • Available nationwide
Storm water drain filter
LittaTrap installed in Manhole

Adjustable and Flexible

Modular system to fit even the most
challenging infrastructure. 

LittaTrap Liners

Zero Pellet Loss

With a 1000-micron EnviroPod™ Pellet Liner, all particles over 1mm are prevented from reaching waterways.

Storm drain grate with LittaTrap drain filter

Low cost solution

Lowest cost treatment available.
No construction equals low capital costs.

Proven Performance

Read our case studies to find out how we work with petrochemical, and plastic manufacturers to meet Zero Pellet Loss.

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Plastics New Zealand is the local industry association for plastics manufacturers and raw materials suppliers. We’ve worked closely with EnviroPod to give our plastics companies practical solutions for preventing accidental pollution into stormwater systems. LittaTraps and EnviroPods are now installed at many sites across New Zealand, with companies reporting satisfaction with their performance and the ease of maintenance of the devices. Plastics NZ is happy to recommend these EnviroPod products as a simple and effective solution to contain the accidental loss of plastics on industrial sites.

Rachel Barker, Chief Executive Officer, Plastics NZ

Chief Executive Officer, Plastics NZ

Proven Performance

For the past 25 years, we have developed and delivered an innovative solution to protect site stormwater drains from plastic pellets loss. With over 50,000 installs and having worked with hundreds of manufacturing and logistic companies, we have successfully prevented tons of plastic pellets from reaching the stormwater drains that would have been carried into local waterways, and eventually the ocean.

25 Years Emblem

Protecting the future of waterways

Endorsed by the New Zealand Plastic industry and supported by the Canadian and Australian plastic industries, the LittaTrap™ will help meet Operation Clean Sweep initiatives to achieve Zero Plastic Pellet loss.

We are proud to have worked with the Operation Clean Sweep programme and other industry bodies to install LittaTrap™ filters in stormwater drains on manufacturing and industrial sites across the globe.