The LittaTrap™ is very effective at reducing plastic pellet loss on a plastic manufacturing site in Canada.



Hood Packaging

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Stormwater discharge is one of the leading causes of freshwater pollution because they discharge directly into the nearest freshwater source.

Hood Packaging, a plastics manufacturing supplier, partnered with Enviropod Canada Limited to assist with lowering the company’s environmental impact by preventing plastic resin pellets and other debris from entering the stormwater system.

Enviropod installed a LittaTrap™ device in a stormwater drain in front of one of their manufacturing buildings as a pilot study project to quantify its effectiveness to capture resin pellets from manufacturing activities.

Catch basin next to loading zone and carpark

The report summarises the litter and resin pellets caught in the LittaTrap™ over the three-month testing period. The LittaTrap™ with a 1000-micron performance liner captures gross pollutants and other pollutants greater than 1 mm in diameter before they are transported into receiving waters.