Enviropod LittaTrap Verifications, Certifications and Independent Testing reports

The Enviropod LittaTrap is independently tested with proven performance.  

The LittaTrapis certified as a Full Capture Trash Control Device with an Approved Mosquito Vector Control (MVCAC) access in California and the device has ETV approval in Canada.

Specification & Drawings

Standard details and specification for download below.

Easy guides for measuring a catch basin and LittaTrap™ installation & maintenance

With a modular system to fit most inlet structures, the LittaTrap™ is easy to install and easy to maintain.

Measuring a catch basin to install a LittaTrap

Before installing a LittaTrap, the catch basin needs to be assessed and measured to gauge suitability. Follow the step-by-step guide to ensure the catch basin is measured accurately..

Simple and quick install

The LittaTrap is designed to be simply inserted into the catch basin and has a number of different configurations to fit curb, grate & manhole inlets

Easy to maintain

The LittaTrap is designed to be emptied by hand so it can be easily cleaned by site owners or maintenance crew . As most catch basins can be accessed from ground level, there is no requirement for confined space entry, reducing maintenance costs.

LittaTrap maintenance with Vactor Truck

Although the LittaTrap is designed to be lifted out of the stormwater drain manually, some prefer to use a Vactor or sucker truck to maintain the basket when undertaking regular street maintenance .

Case Studies from specifiers, engineers and installers around the world.

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