A catch basin with a LittaTrap installed stops pollutants reaching our waterways

The Problem

An estimated 80% of marine pollution comes from land and STORMWATER runoff is one of the MAJOR pathways.

Stormwater runoff from existing piping infrastructure in our cities and towns largely flows untreated into our marine environment.

Plastics and other pollutants such as cigarette butts caught up in this runoff are having a drastic effect on water quality and marine life.

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Our Solution

If plastic & other pollutants are stopped from reaching the stormwater system , they are stopped from reaching our waterways.

Our engineered catch basin basket sits inside a stormwater drain & when it rains, catches & retains the plastic and trash caught up in the runoff before it can reach the rivers, lakes and oceans.


capture of plastic pieces over 5mm


LIttaTraps & EnviroPods installed globally

Why install an Enviropod LittaTrap?

Stop plastic leaving your site & reaching the waterways

The LittaTrap is designed to capture all particles larger than 5mm or smaller with optional liner.

Reduce your costs

Installing a LittaTrap can reduce the risk of stormwater infrastructure blocking further downstream or act as pre-treatment for other treatment devices.

Easy to maintain

The LittaTrap is easily maintained by hand, reducing expensive maintenance costs.

Easy to retrofit

Easily retrofitted into existing catch basins.

Quick and easy installation

The LittaTrap is an innovative catch basin insert designed to be easily installed into new and existing stormwater catch basins. Engineered to withstand the high force and harsh environment of the stormwater drain, the LittaTrap sits inside the catch basin and when it rains, catches gross pollutants caught up in the runoff before it can reach the stormwater system.

How does the LittaTrap work?

By installing a LittaTrap inside a catch basin, all plastic and pollutants are retained inside the patented basket. A LittaTrap can be installed into most catch basins and installation is a simple process. The LittaTrap is purposely designed to be lightweight, so once the basket is full, it can be simply lifted out, emptied and then reinstalled.

Easy Maintenance

All treatment devices require maintenance & due to the variable nature of stormwater pollution, maintenance frequencies can vary . It is recommended to inspect your LittaTrap frequently over the first year of operation to determine maintenance requirements.  The LittaTrap  should be maintained when it is approximately 2/3rd filled with plastic and pollutants.
To empty the LittaTrap, it is as simple as:

‘Lift, Tip, Reuse’

  1. LIFT the basket out of catch basin using the Lift handles
  2. TIP the contents out of basket into suitable receptacle for contents
  3. Place the LittaTrap securely back into surrounding frame and seal, and close grate.

Protect the future of our waterways

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