Trash can enter water environments in several ways; either directly from ocean sources estimated at 20%, or from land sources that makes up the remaining 80%. It is transported by wind or rainwater into a stormwater drain. These drains link together to form a network which outfall into streams, rivers, lakes and ultimately our oceans.

Plastic fragments, plastic film, cigarette butts, & pre-production plastic pellets ( nurdles) are the most common items found in this runoff.

Plastics in waterways are the greatest concern as they do not degrade & disappear & have a devastating effect on water quality & marine life.

Marine Plastic Pollution Fish Illustration

Our Solution

At Enviropod, we believe we owe it to future generations to prevent this pollution in our waterways and do all we can do to preserve our oceans.

We provide innovative stormwater treatment solutions to treat the water before it flows into the environment — keeping our streams, lakes and waterways clean.

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Introducing the Enviropod LittaTrap

Enviropod Water Pollution Plastic Solutions

Stop plastic and litter reaching
the waterways

The LittaTrap is designed to capture all particles larger than 5mm or smaller items like plastic pellets with a performance liner.

Ocean Pollution Solutions Enviropod - Installation

Easy to install & retrofit

Easily retrofitted into existing catch basins and works across all sites and land uses.

Ocean Pollution Solutions Enviropod Maintenance

Simple & easy maintenance

The LittaTrap is easily maintained by hand, reducing expensive maintenance costs.

Proven Performance

LittaTrap is a result of more than 25 years of research and development and third party, independent testing in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It works across all sites and land uses, including manufacturing, commercial, residential and high density, solving stormwater management problems, while meeting regulatory requirements and achieving  water quality objectives for our customers.

Our Story
Enviropod Water Pollution Plastic Solutions PlanEnviropod Water Pollution Plastic Solutions LittaTrapEnviropod can Prevent Ocean Plastic Pollution
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