Performance Liners

The performance of the Enviropod LittaTrap can be enhanced by the inclusion of an Enviropod Performance Liner.

The LittaTrap basket as a standalone unit captures all particles over 5mm. When coupled with a liner, finer particles can be targeted.

The liners are easily attached to the LittaTrap basket, and we provide options for a range of liner sizes to target the smallest gross pollutants.

Enviropod has three liners to choose from

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Enviropod 200 Micron

Target TSS and other fine particles with associated heavy metals such a gross pollutants, total suspended solids, and attached pollutants ≥ 200 micron with an Enviropod 200 Micron Liner.

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Enviropod Pellet

The 1000 micron Enviropod Pellet liner can be incorporated to target specific pollutants smaller than 5mm such as resin pellets for manufacturing of plastic goods or other pollutants larger than 1mm

Enviropod Silt  

The Geotextile Silt liner can be incorporated into the LittaTrap basket for use during construction and establishment of building sites for temporary site works generating silt or other fine pollutants. The Silt liner can be removed and replaced as required during siteworks and the unit can then be left in the catch basin for ongoing litter prevention or it can be removed and used at another location.

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