Performance Liners

The performance of both LittaTrap and the Enviropod Filter can be enhanced by the use of liners. We provide options for a range of liner sizes to target the smallest gross pollutants.

The liners are easily attached to the basket and allow the capture of finer particles.

We currently have three fine mesh liners available.

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Enviropod has three liners to choose from:

Sediment liner

Ideal for construction runoff, the Sediment Liner is fabricated from felted needle punched polyester fabric and can be easily changed out on site and replaced as required.

Microplastics liner

Developed to capture particles down to 200 micron (and smaller) the Microplastics Liner can be used to capture plastic from cutting activities, small polystyrene particles and other microplastics.

Pellet Liner

Specifically designed to prevent resin pellet loss from plastic manufacturers, handlers or transport companies, the Pellet Liner will capture all plastic particles larger than 1000 microns (1mm)

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J-Hooks allow for easy lifting of the LittaTrap basket when undertaking routine maintenance. As with any maintenance follow local H&S guidelines.

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OilSorbs repel water-based fluids and absorb oil-based fluids.

Suitable for industrial and environmental applications for quick absorption of oil.

Can be placed in bottom of LittaTrap or Enviropod Filter and replaced as required.

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