Enviropod International solves stormwater pollution problems around the globe.
Established in 1996, the company is a world leader in the development of
stormwater inlet filter technologies. A quarter-century of experience, smart design and engineering, investment in research and development, and constant innovation
has led to our products becoming award-winning solutions to solve the
global storm water trash problem and prevent marine plastic pollution.

We work with local governments, municipalities and private businesses and facilities in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, to meet local and federal stormwater quality requirements and regulations.

Our Founders

Enviropod Founder Director Greg Yeoman

“By truly understanding the problem, we are constantly innovating to deliver the best solution.”

Greg Yeoman

Founder + Director Enviropod
Enviropod Founder Director Mike Hannah

“We owe it to future generations to ensure we are doing all we can to preserve our oceans.”

Mike Hannah

Founder + Director Enviropod
Research & Development

Protecting the future of our waterways for over 25 years

We believe in science and research and, as part of our ongoing efforts to improve water quality outcomes, we’ve invested heavily in innovation.

Our continued investment has meant an evolution in the design of the Enviropod over the past quarter-century. Enviropod is designed to fit a myriad of drainage pit sizes and configurations all over the world. We use smarter materials, including engineered plastics capable of withstanding more than 600 lbs. (300kg+) and temperature fluctuations from -40℉-100℉+ (-40℃-37℃). A complete redesign of the cage configuration, to create an industrial plastic mesh basket with lifting handles, allows the basket to be removed during hand maintenance or cleaned by vactor truck. Additional product improvements to the basket and liners prevent ripped bags and mean improved and easier maintenance.

As a result of field and laboratory testing with independent third-parties in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, we are able to deliver a patented solution that meets local stormwater regulations globally — and delivers better urban water outcomes for future generations.

Enviropod Story Stormwater Filter Prototype
Enviropod Story Stormwater Filter History
Enviropod Stormwater Filter Research and Development


Clean Seas

2019 Best Stormwater Technology Winner

Water’s Next Award

The awards honour the achievements and ideas of individuals and companies that work to protect and restore our waterways. The LittaTrap was recognised as a technology that can significantly reduce marine plastic pollution.

Clean Seas

2018 Stormwater Innovation of the Year

Water New Zealand Innovation Showcase

We were very proud  to be awarded the inaugural Innovation Award from the Water New Zealand Stormwater Group. We were recognised for the work with the LittaTrap, which effectively captures gross pollutants before they can reach the ocean.

Clean Seas

2016 Sustainability and Clean Tech Winner

NZ Innovation Awards

We were thrilled to win this prestigious award, with the LittaTrap being recognised for its value in protecting our waterways and its potential as a global solution.