"SWIMS has a lot of experience in installing trash control devices in California, and we like the flexibility of the LittaTrap design and ease of installation.”

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In November 2019, Enviropod International Ltd. and SWIMS (Storm Water Inspection and Maintenance Services), our California, USA installation and maintenance partner, installed 10 x 18"x18" Enviropod LittaTrap™ Grate Inlet Filter devices at a new, state-of-the-art facility in Foster City, San Francisco.

The chosen Foster City site, is classed as commercial/light industrial and not subject to required monitoring or local discharge permits to local waterways. All stormwater runoff from the parking lot area drains into 10 catch basins, and several bioretention/bioswale locations around the property. Runoff from the catch basins discharges directly to the local lagoon and waterway adjacent to the property.


The LittaTrap™, Enviropod’s patented catch basin insert, sits inside the stormwater drain and its mesh basket is designed to capture and retain 100% of plastic and other debris over 5mm. The standard LittaTrap™ operation can be enhanced to meet different performance levels by using specified liners. For this installation, the LittaTrap™ devices were fitted with 400-micron performance liners with filtration media pouches for enhanced pollutant removal to target hydrocarbons and heavy metals (Total Cu, Zn, Al).


“Enviropod has more than 25 years’ experience in designing and developing catch basin technologies and we are excited to now be able to provide our technologies to the USA,”says Greg Yeoman, president of Enviropod International. “The LittaTraps were installed in an average of 15 minutes per catch basin and required no on-site modifications. The product satisfied all the technical and performance requirements for site compliance and had the added benefits of easy hand maintenance post install. The LittaTrap checked  all the boxes for the customer”. The installation of the LittaTrap™ Grate InletFilter devices also contributed to the property’s LEED Silver accreditation from the US Green Building Council.”


Andy Hughes, project manager at SWIMS, was pleased with the speed of the installation process. “SWIMS has a lot of experience in installing trash control devices in California, and we like the flexibility of the LittaTrap™ design and ease of installation.”


The Enviropod LittaTrap™ Grate and Curb InletFilter product line is now available from Enviropod International’s USA agent, CleanWaters USA, Inc., (www.cleanwatersusa.com) and includes a Full Capture model which has been certified by the California State Water Board as a Certified Full Capture Device, meeting the Water Board Trash Capture requirements.