Toyota installed LittaTraps as part of a pilot to showcase how effectively they can achieve their sustainability goals.




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Despite our best efforts to prevent litter from entering stormwater systems, there are still factors present which lead to litter generation. These can often be simple processes such as wind carrying away litter before it can be recaptured or litter falling unnoticed when people exit their vehicle.

When the contents of the LittaTrap™ are collected the litter items are separated from other debris such as leaves, sticks and sediment. The litter is then further separated into various categories such as plastic, glass, metals, paper .

In this trial 1,432 pieces were caught over a 100-day period, a yearly loading rate of 467 pieces per trap.

Over the course of a full year it is expected that a total of 8,612 pieces of litter would be captured across just twelve catch pits.