Greg Yeoman of EnviroPod "It is fantastic to see self-led environmental responsibility in action with The LittaTrap Installation Project."



Leading Canadian Grocery Retailer

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One of Canada's leading grocery retailers developed an environmental initiative to reduce litter and plastic loss from site runoff, focusing on high-traffic and pedestrian areas within their distribution centres. Litter, including cigarette butts, packaging materials, and other debris, pose both environmental and aesthetic concerns on paved areas with human interaction. Additionally, there can be a recurring risk of flooding due to pipe blockages caused where litter accumulates in drainage systems.


Project Solution

To address these issues, the grocery retailer initiated the EnviroPod™ LittaTrap™ Installation Project. The project involved the installation of ‘LittaTraps™’, innovative litter capture devices, installed into drain inlets at multiple distribution centres across various Canadian provinces. The goal was to assess the effectiveness of LittaTraps™ in capturing litter, reduce the risk of flooding, and promote a cleaner and more sustainable working environment.



The primary objectives of the LittaTrap™ Installation Project were as follows:

  1. LittaTrap™ Installation: Deploy LittaTraps™ strategically at designated areas within multiple distribution centres within varied drainage inlets.
  2. Durability and Winterization Assessment: Evaluate the durability and winterization capabilities of LittaTraps™ in diverse Canadian provinces.
  3. Ease of Maintenance: Assess the ease of maintenance, which would be carried out by on-site employees.
  4. Litter Capture Effectiveness: Measure the effectiveness of LittaTraps™ in capturing various forms of litter.
  5. Flooding Risk Reduction: Reduce the risk of flooding resulting from pipe blockages by capturing litter in LittaTrap™ baskets.



Geographic Scope

The LittaTrap™ Installation Project spanned multiple distribution centres located in the following Canadian provinces with 48 x EnviroPod™ LittaTraps™ installed.

  • Ontario
  • Quebec
  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland
  • Nova Scotia
  • Saskatchewan
  • Alberta


LittaTrap™ installed in carpark

Installation Areas 

LittaTraps™ were strategically installed in key areas within the distribution centres, including:

  • Employee Parking Areas
  • Loading Docks
  • Dunnage Areas
  • Smoking Areas


Key Activities

  1. Procurement: The project team procured LittaTraps™ and the necessary installation materials.
  2. Installation: LittaTraps™ were installed at designated locations across all distribution centres.
  3. Observations: The project team continuously monitored the durability and performance of LittaTraps™ throughout the year, with a specific focus on winter months.
  4. Maintenance: On-site employees were responsible for maintaining LittaTraps™ by regularly emptying and cleaning the capture baskets.
  5. Data Collection: Data on the types and quantities of litter captured by the LittaTraps™ were collected and documented.
  6. Flooding Risk Mitigation: The project assessed the reduction in the risk of flooding resulting from litter capture.



The LittaTrap™ Installation Project yielded very positive outcomes. LittaTraps™ effectively captured a substantial amount of litter, including cigarette butts, earplugs, packaging materials, and other debris, leading to a visibly cleaner working environment. Additionally, the risk of flooding, stemming from pipe blockages caused by litter accumulation, was significantly reduced, thanks to the effectiveness of the LittaTrap™ baskets. On-site employees found LittaTrap™ maintenance straightforward, and it seamlessly integrated into their daily routines.


Despite some challenges posed by adverse weather conditions, especially during the winter, and the need for occasional adjustments in maintenance routines due to varying litter compositions across distribution centres, the project's overall success was a testament to its contribution to environmental stewardship and operational efficiency.


Greg Yeoman of EnviroPod™ commented on the project: "It is fantastic to see self-led environmental responsibility in action with The LittaTrap™ Installation Project. Besides the environmental benefits of trapping litter and pollutants on-site, and improving the cleanliness of the distribution centres, the operational benefits also reduce the need for costly vacuum sucker trucks to clean the drains and mitigate flooding incidents from blocked pipes. We look forward to seeing more of this self-initiated approach through corporate and social responsibility."

Captured trash and debris from the installed LittaTraps™