Announcing the Winners of the NGO Giveaway for LittaTraps™: Leading the Fight Against Stormwater Pollution

In our ongoing commitment to supporting organizations dedicated to environmental conservation and stormwater pollution prevention, we are thrilled to announce the winners of the LittaTrap™ Giveaway. These organizations have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to cleaner stormwater runoff and have showcased their dedication through compelling entries.

Join us as we introduce the winners:

1. Ocean Legacy

Synopsis of Winning Entry: Ocean Legacy is a Canadian-based non-profit organization that has been working tirelessly to divert plastic waste away from landfills and our aquatic ecosystems. Their track record speaks volumes: they've cleaned over 1500 kilometers of coastlines, diverted nearly 2 million pounds of plastic from landfills, and collected almost 2 million pounds of trash from cleanup efforts. Ocean Legacy's continuous installation and replacement of stormwater management infrastructure make them the perfect candidate for the LittaTrap™ Giveaway. These traps will significantly bolster their stormwater pollution prevention efforts.

2. Region of Peel

Synopsis of Winning Entry: The Region of Peel's Transportation division has been at the forefront of green infrastructure implementation to protect watercourses from pollution generated by roadways. With an impressive array of stormwater management tools already in use, including Oil Grit Separator units, Jellyfish devices, and CB Shields, the addition of LittaTraps™ promises to enhance their stormwater pollution control efforts. The LittaTrap™ Giveaway presents an exciting opportunity for the Region of Peel to explore the potential of these innovative modular catch basin filters.

3. Junction Creek Stewardship Committee

Synopsis of Winning Entry: The Junction Creek Stewardship Committee's project, "Taking action to mitigate stormwater pollutants in urban waterways," is a critical initiative aimed at improving freshwater health in Greater Sudbury. This project addresses significant stormwater pollution issues, particularly in urban waterways, and aims to restore brook trout habitat in Junction Creek and the surrounding Lake Huron basin. The LittaTrap™ Giveaway will play a crucial role in supporting these efforts by trapping stormwater pollutants and preventing them from entering vital waterways.

4. EcoSuperior

Synopsis of Winning Entry: EcoSuperior, with its mission to combat plastic pollution in the Great Lakes, recognizes the urgent need for stormwater pollution prevention. They plan to use the LittaTraps to reduce plastic pollution reaching Lake Superior and monitor pollution patterns in Thunder Bay. By enhancing waste literacy, conducting citizen science projects, and quantifying the contribution of spring melt to microplastics in stormwater runoff, EcoSuperior aims to contribute significantly to freshwater protection and pollution mitigation.

5. Credit Valley Conservation

Synopsis of Winning Entry: Credit Valley nominated the Headwaters Health Care Centre (HHCC) in Orangeville, Ontario, who is recognized for the importance of stormwater management in preserving the pristine waters of the Orangeville Moraine. Their commitment to sustainable landscaping and environmental education aligns perfectly with the values of the LittaTrap™ Giveaway. By installing LittaTraps in storm drains around the HHCC area, they aim to reduce the flow of pollutants into nearby natural areas, such as the Willoughby - Townline Central (WTC) natural area, ultimately protecting the ecological integrity of these vital spaces.

We congratulate these organizations on their dedication to stormwater pollution prevention and look forward to seeing the positive impact of LittaTraps™ in their respective initiatives. Together, we are taking significant strides toward a cleaner and healthier environment, one stormwater drain at a time.

Stay tuned for more updates on these inspiring projects and the ongoing fight against stormwater pollution.

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