EnviroPod™ and reseller partner Spill Bully are working together to ensure cleaner waterways.

Spill Bully started with a vision to revolutionize the environmental industry, after seeing that traditional waste collection and containment methods have been outdated for decades. Spill Bully offers a full line of innovative products to clean up and contain spills, both on land and on water.

As a small business, we strive hard to take care of our customers, many of whom are also small businesses. Our customer service, hands-on training and fast response times have earned the trust of our clients. While many environmental supply companies will ship you products from an online catalogue, Spill Bully will show up on site to demonstrate how their products work.

Spill Bully currently supplies to the following industries, and they are constantly finding new areas that they can make a positive impact: Aerospace, Manufacturing, Maritime, Automotive, Airlines, Transportation, Construction, Paint, Chemical, Utility, Oil & Gas, Municipalities, Fire Departments, College Campuses, Large Facilities, Environmental, etc.

You can purchase the LittaTrap™ and LavaSorb™ through Spill Bully - learn more.

Learn more about Spill Bully.

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