Customer Testimonial - City of Lincoln

The Enviropod LittaTrap FC Inlet Filter was amongst a number of other Approved Full Capture Devices involved in a pilot study by the City of Lincoln in preparation of a Full Trash Capture Implementation Plan to meet their MS4 permit .

"My name is Brian Smull with the City of Lincoln, I’m currently responsible for controlling trash and debris from entering our water ways. There has been multiple ways that the city has been told how we can mitigate the pollution and the city decided to go with starting at the inlet, since all Inlets are maintainable from a one- two person operation, instead of needing a vactor truck one person can do it by hand if they want. I started with a mock program, picking multiple companies that had the same concept and state approval. The units I tested from the different companies were all different styles, some were made with stainless steel and the other was LittaTrap’s material.

I tested the stainless steel unit from the different company, which I picked because of my thought process of durability and strength. I did all the correct measurements of where I wanted the units placed and I thought it was going to be perfect, ill have my guys drop in place and walk on. That was a huge NO! my guys ended up spending 2-3 hours placing these units because the steel cage did not have any movement, every inlet I went to was different, same measurements but the little imperfections  when they poured in place the concrete in the main design of the street. So that one didn’t work for me.

The LittaTrap can be installed in less than 10 minutes

In comparison, LittaTrap can be installed in less than 10 minutes with a two man crew and the units material is forgiving, fitting in any application as long as you get the correct size of unit. Durability and strength was very questionable to me at first glance, I thought to myself it looked kind of flimsy and week to hold up the weight with two anchor bolts. BOY!! was I wrong, I put it to the test and installed the bracket and anchor bolts and I stood on each side of the bracket so it was holding all of my 240 lbs, with no problems at all. We are only required to catch 5mm particles at this time and LittaTrap has been catching cigarette butts, garbage bags, plastic bottles, leaves and grass from the landscapers.

LittaTrap installed City of Lincoln
Recommended to control debris and trash

It’s a great product and I recommend it for anyone that is trying to control debris and trash from entering the water ways. As for the plastic pellets, I have no idea the size of the pellets but Enviropod has smaller inserts to put inside of the LittaTrap unit. I do suggest if you have the time, attend the installation webinars that is provided by the company, or like I did both, utilize your local installation professional that is up to speed on this model. Either way, Darren and Will, will help you with anything you might need, they are awesome and very professional. I wish you the best and have a good day."       

Brian Smull, City of Lincoln, Public Works Department

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