A new Canadian-designed stormwater treatment device is set to revolutionize the way Canada treats stormwater by removing pollutants and conveying stormwater back into the pipe network.


Recently awarded Canada ISO 14034 ETV verification, EnviroBasin™ is a step change over conventional oil and grit separators and is expected to bring significant environmental savings and reduced stormwater infrastructure costs.


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Designed by Enviropod™ as a plug and play pre-engineered device, the new EnviroBasin™ features a LittaTrap™ inlet filter together with an energy deflector to trap sediment. It is a pre-manufactured ‘all in one ‘ solution and can capture the smallest of trash particles and pollutants and eliminates the need for downstream oil and grit separators, as it treats the stormwater at the source before it enters the stormwater system.

Developed for Canadian conditions


The EnviroBasin™ has been developed and tested forCanada’s large infrastructure and harsh climate.  Tested by Good Harbour laboratories Mississauga, Ontario with supervision by Aecom Canada, theEnviroBasin™ was tested to the stormwater Oil and Grit separator protocol and obtains over 60% removal of suspended sediment.


Mike Hannah, Technical Director of Enviropod™ is confident the EnviroBasin™ will change the way we treat stormwater. 


“Why would you use a traditional catch basin that only conveys stormwater to the pipe network when you can use theEnviroBasin™ that removes the pollutants and conveys stormwater into the pipe network.  Removing contaminants at the stormwater inlet provides so many“downstream” cost savings, it’s a “no brainer. Especially for low impact design and green infrastructure. ”



GLOBE Performance Solutions conducted the ISO14034 ETV verification in collaboration with the Toronto Regional ConservationAuthority , which provided the technical expertise.  The VerificationStatement is posted on the Canadian ETV website  https://etvcanada.ca/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/ISO-14034-ETV-VS-ENVIROBASIN_2021-2024.pdf



EnviroBasin is available now and to learn more visit https://www.enviropod.com/en-ca/products/envirobasin 



For more information please contact:


Mike Hannah

Enviropod Canada


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