The Latornell Conference is a highlight on Enviropod's calendar, and we are excited to return for 2019.

The conference focuses on economic, environmental, and social challenges impacting the health of Ontario's natural resources. Attendees focus on forward-thinking and innovative ways to protect our critical natural resources to ensure healthy watersheds.

As well as exhibiting and showcasing the LittaTrap - our innovative catch basin insert to protect and preserve our waterways, Enviropod co-founder Mike Hannah will be presenting a paper on Day 1 of the conference. The paper "An innovative stormwater education and community monitoring program", focuses on the education and the role the LittaTrap can play in understanding the sources of marine pollution.

The 2019 Symposium takes place on November 19, 20, and 21, 2019, at the Nottawasaga Inn Resort & Conference Centre in Alliston, Ontario.

For more on the conference:

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