Enviropod® technologies are now available across Australia from Reece Group as a VAP product as well as CivilMart and Renew Solutions as an installation, maintenance and support partner.

Reece Group, Australia have added the Enviropod™ technologies to their Value Added Products (VAP) portfolio of premium Civil and plumbing products. This give the purchaser assurance that they are purchasing the ‘Best in class’ gully pit insert available and are not exposed to risks associated with inferior products such as flood risk, poor fabrication or unverified performance for Council approvals.

CivilMart group of companies have added the Enviropod200™ product to their suite of premium quality precast solutions, meaning it can be purchased directly either installed into gullypits or delivered with precast concrete orders.


Renew Solutions have partnered with Enviropod to offer product support with installation, maintenance services as well as offering site management plans for Enviropod products.

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