Introducing our newest innovation, LavaSorb™! We are excited to announce the launch of this reusable small-diameter boom that effectively absorbs free oil and grease from stormwater runoff.

LavaSorb™ is a new product in the accessories range. LavaSorb™ is a reusable small-diameter boom that absorbs free oil and grease conveyed in stormwater runoff.

Simply attach the LavaSorb™ boom onto the LittaTrap™ filter basket to absorb oils without any water.

Join us in preventing all pollutants from reaching waterways with the powerful combination of LavaSorb™ and the LittaTrap™ filter basket.

Features and benefits of LavaSorb™ include.


·     Higher absorption than polypropylene – Absorbs 67oz / 2L per boom.

·     Affordable.

·     Easy to install & maintain.

·     Natural sustainable fibers / fibres.

·     Reusable – can wring out and reuse the boom.

·     Lightweight.


LavaSorb™ will be available from today and is available globally. For more information download the LavaSorb™ brochure HERE.

LavaSorb™ installed on LittaTrap™
LavaSorb™ installed

LavaSorb Boom
LavaSorb™ Boom
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