The first municipal EnviroBasin™ project in London, Ontario. Saving the contractors time and money.

The Southdale Road and Colonel Talbot Road project in London, Ontario is a transportation infrastructure initiative aimed at improving connectivity and traffic flow in the area.

As part of the project, 33 x EnviroBasin™’s are being installed to capture and treat stormwater runoff at the source, removing sediment and debris before it reaches local water bodies.

The EnviroPod™ EnviroBasin™ is an Advanced Water Quality Inlet tested to Canadian ETV standards for OGS and has verified TSS removal of over 50% of ETV PSD.  

Partnering with Aecom, the EnviroBasin™ is used in several configurations ensuring best hydrological outcomes while conforming to the local design regulations. The EnviroBasin utilizes catch basin technology, eliminating the need for additional manholes and piping like a traditional end of pipe OGS which conserves space and saves contractors time and money.

Overall, the Southdale Road and Colonel Talbot Road project not only focuses on transportation enhancements but also recognizes the importance of sustainable stormwater management to minimize the project's ecological footprint and promote long-term environmental sustainability.

More on the project :

EnviroBasin™ on site
EnviroBasin™ on site
EnviroBasin™ in-transit
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