A multi-agency effort is trapping rubbish before it can find its way into the sea and shedding new light on plastic; one of the most common pollutants of our oceans.

In a bid to determine how much plastic and other litter is reaching Taitokerau’s rivers and estuaries annually, the Northland Regional Council is working with NorthTec, Whitebait Connection, the Northland District Health Board, the region’s three district councils and local businesses to install LittaTraps.

The 50 x LittaTraps installed captured 4160 pieces of litter/ trash in the stormwater drains. More than 75% of that waste was plastic items, mostly discarded cigarette butts which flow straight to our rivers and oceans.

Installing LittaTrap’s in high pedestrian areas such as carparks, shopping centres, sports grounds will help reduce the amount of plastic reaching the waterways.

The more we know about litter the better we can design stormwater treatments.

Be A #LittaTrapHero

To read the full media release from Northland Regional Council see link below or contact one of our team to discuss LittaTraps on your site.


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