The LittaTrap™ EMMA Curb Inlet Filter model is designed to convey stormwater runoff from the curb inlet opening to the LittaTrap™basket, with the basket positioned directly under the manhole access opening.This feature allows maintenance crews to gain access to the LittaTrap™ basket from the surface and eliminates the need for confined space entry during routine maintenance service.

EMMA LittaTrap™

The configuration uses the Standard 36” x 24 “LittatTrap and the EMMA adaptor kit. The EMMA Kit consists of a support bracket, struts and adjustable trough system to convey stormwater flows and trash into the basket. The Kit is adjustable to suit the maintenance hole in the catch basin’s centre, side or front. The trough conveys only the design flow to the basket, placing the system offline in peak storm events. The EMMA Configuration allows full access to the catch basin for other maintenance activities without removal of the system. The EMMA kit comes in foot-length modules allowing easy retrofit of any curb entry catch basin for Trash capture.

The Enviropod LittaTrap is approved as a Full Trash Capture Device by the California Water Board,


Modular and adjustable design 

Fits any curb entry catch basin 

Fast installation 

Large capacity 

Easy maintenance 

No confined space entry 

Full access 

High flow

For more on the EMMA design please contact one of our sales team via

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