Braden Van Leer our Technical Assistant is an integral member of the EnviroPod™ family. Braden embarked on his journey with EnviroPod™ as an intern for the parent company, Stormwater360. Driven by a passion for environmental conservation, his dedication and enthusiasm were immediately evident when took on a project involving the monitoring and counting litter from 34 LittaTraps™, over a year. This experience not only exposed Braden to the pressing issue of stormwater pollution but also laid the foundation for his commitment to mitigating its impact on the environment.


Following the completion of his studies in Chemistry and Environmental Science, Braden seamlessly transitioned into a more prominent role within the organization. As Stormwater360 Group launched EnviroPod™ to help do their part in pollution prevention worldwide, Braden joined the technical team. Braden oversees the US, Canadian, and Australian markets, where his responsibilities include helping to develop new products, crafting custom designs, and providing invaluable support to the sales teams. His work in stormwater management is not just a job; for Braden, it's a fulfilling endeavour that aligns with his dedication to advancing environmental stewardship in a field that continues to evolve.


In the ever-evolving realm of stormwater management, Braden Van Leer stands as a testament to the positive impact one individual can have. His unwavering commitment to creating sustainable solutions and his active involvement in the development of cutting-edge products underscore his role as a dynamic force within the EnviroPod™ team. As the organization continues to expand its global footprint, Braden's expertise and passion for environmental sustainability remain instrumental in driving positive change and fostering a cleaner, healthier planet for generations to come

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