Hi there, my name is Joe and I am the most recent member of the team to join Team Enviropod. It’s an honour to join them fight the War on Plastic with The LittaTrap.

After initially starting my degree with every intention of becoming a sports journalist or a radio host, I accidentally found myself in an Environmental Communications course in my second year of University. I remember cringing at the thought of pouring hours of research into climate change and global warming. But for arguments sake I gave it a chance, and here I am.

Coming from New Zealand the idea of being ‘clean and green’ is built into your DNA. It’s something we take pride in and I always took that for granted. It wasn't until I started environmental studies I realised just how proud I was of that DNA, and how I wanted to bring it to the world.

So I stormed on with my studies and I was beyond thankful when it culminated in a job offer from Greg and Mike to join the team here at Enviropod, and help bring the LittaTrap to the world. Long before I worked here, the LittaTrap was a product I wholeheartedly endorsed. It’s a privilege to be here and I can’t wait to help save our waterways.

I think although my passion has changed, the skills that led me to want to pursue a career in radio and journalism are the same skills I hope will help me succeed with Enviropod. I have always loved interacting with people and raising awareness to important and note-worthy topics. What everyone here at Enviropod is doing is incredible, and yet it’s also a necessity. Every community, every company and every municipality needs a LittaTrap and I can’t wait to use the skills I gained through my three years at University to help bring a LittaTrap to your community, your Uncle Bob’s and even your Auntie Jennie’s!

So make sure you stay locked and loaded for all things LittaTrap!

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