Plastic Pellet Pollution Prevention with the Enviropod LittaTrap

Industrial plastic pellet waste and single-use plastics are choking our rivers and contaminating our oceans. And yet there is a straight-forward solution to keeping plastic waste out of our waterways - by filtering it out of stormwater at the catch-basin. This simple and cost-effective solution offers the lowest cost of regulatory compliance available to industrial and plastics manufacturers and logistics providers.


An estimated ten trillion plastic pellets are swept into waterways annually.


As well as adding to harmful levels of plastic pollution into the environment, pellets are often mistaken for food by marine life. Once eaten, it becomes part of the food chain. Trillions of these small plastic pellets have been escaping from petrochemical plants into waterways and oceans for decades. Recently regulators have begun to take act with the Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act (2021)and the Plastic Pellet Free Waters Act (2022).


Pellet losses and accidental leakage into the environment can take place at any point from the manufacturing site to the end-user. Due to their small size and buoyancy, pellets spilled on land find their way into the ocean through stormwater runoff. Once in the ocean, pellets float on the surface, and are spread over large areas by wind and currents. Over time the pellets wear down into smaller particles, leaching chemicals into the ocean and the food chain. Removing them from the waterways and oceans is time consuming, expensive, and never entirely successful.  


LittaTrap.Big Solution.


The Enviropod LittaTrap is designed to be easily retrofitted into new and existing stormwater drains. It simply sits inside the catch basin, captures, and retains plastic pellets and trash before they can enter the drainage system and flow into our waterways. When the LittaTrap liner is full, it can be easily lifted out and the harmful plastics safely disposed. The Enviropod LittaTrap is easy to install and maintain, making it the most cost-effective catch-basin filter available.


With over 50,000 installed by municipalities worldwide – from New Zealand to North America, its small wonder LittaTrap is making a big name for itself.


Join our webinar to discover how LittaTrap can simply and effectively protect your waters.



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