Enviropod recently partnered with the Canadian Plastics Industry Association and one of their clients Polytainers, an environmentally conscious plastic manufacturer to prevent plastic pellets leaving their site.


Like many plastic manufacturers, Polytainers are committed to preventing any plastic leaving their site and leaving our waterways. This is something they have constantly struggled with, but through our mutual partner the CPIA, we were able to introduce them to the LittaTrap technology.


Polytainers were impressed at the cost-effective nature of the solution and how simple the installation and maintenance processes are. A Canadian and US based manufacturer, Polytainers have decided to trial the technology at one of their sites in Etobicoke.


Polytainers and CPIA will be enlisting the help of the University of Toronto and their trash team to monitor the LittaTrap units during 2020. The gross pollutant loading will be collected and monitored by the trash team in order to provide accurate figures for the total amount of plastic pellets caught by the LittaTrap technology.

Enviropod will share the data as it becomes available throughout 2020 and use it as a basis to determine approximately how much plastic pellets are entering a storm drain on a plastic manufacturing site.

LittaTrap installed onsite
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