Keeping Florida clean is not completely down the drain

July 2021, the Loggerhead Marinelife Center (LMC) team were the first conservation center, and also the first ever institution in the State of Florida to install LittaTraps into their storm drains.

Loggerhead is Florida's most visited nonprofit scientific destination focused on ocean and sea turtle conservation, and they do great work in protecting sea turtles and the marine environment.

During this rainy season, Loggerhead bears the risks of compromised stormwater runoff going directly into the nearby canals, creeks, the Loxahatchee River, and the Intracoastal Waterway and wanted to take action on any trash reaching waterways.

In 2020, Florida beach cleanups that were conducted by Loggerhead Marine Center and partnering organizations collected 30,843 hard plastic pieces, 8,793 film plastic pieces, and 7,734 cigarette butt, so Loggerhead is looking to the LittaTrap to help in reducing this amount of trash and plastic on the beaches.

LMC have installed two LittaTraps as a pilot , with the hope to install more throughout the campus.

Loggerhead team , happy to be protecting their local waterways

Happy Client

The LoggerHead team had this to say, " We wanted to personally thank you for ALL of your help throughout this process and thank you so, so much for shipping the LittaTraps and hardware in plastic-free packaging as well. We were so happy to see that all of the bolts and materials were in paper packaging instead of plastic, and wanted you to know it definitely did not go unnoticed!"

For more on the great work Loggerhead is doing visit :

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