Leading stormwater research conference

The ICUD is the worlds leading stormwater research conference . Held once every three years, the conference moves around the world and draws and aims to present latest advances and innovative approaches in fundamental and applied research on urban drainage, taking into account meteorological, hydrological, hydraulic, water quality and socio-economic aspects worldwide.

Among its specific interests are urban water quality, sewer sediments, source control, stormwater management, combined sewer overflows, real time control of urban drainage systems, drainage in cold and alpine climates, and data and models related to urban water.

The ICUD strives to maintain its long-standing broad international recognition as a prominent platform for the advancement of the scientific knowledge in the field of urban drainage. It considers its activities in the wider context of urban water systems, with the ambition of developing and promoting a sustainable and integrated urban water management.

This is the third time that the Stormwater360 Group has presented at this prestigious conference and we are proud to present our latest research on the " The Character of Plastic Pollution in Urban Stormwater Runoff '.

Research into plastic pollution

The focus of this research has been to determine the characteristics of litter at a catchment scale and identify litter hotspots in existing urban drainage networks.

Plastic litter pollution entering stormwater drains, stream, rivers, and oceans is a global challenge, and according to current estimates, between 24 and 34 million metric tonnes of plastic pollution are emitted into our oceans annually.

The research from Enviropod, Wellington Regional Council, NIWA and EcoCompass outlines a methodology for identifying litter hotspots through both empirical results and also building from international best practices where litter into public drainage networks is regulated such as in California.

We will also be presenting a means of capturing and estimating the quantity of plastic pellets which is a micro-plastic of concern, particularly in manufacturing, transportation, and recycling facilities. This has been done in collaboration with industry association and manufacturing facilities across Australasia and North America.

ICUD website for any additional details, dates etc: https://www.icud2021.org/

For more information on this please contact Darren Tiddy

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