EnviroPod Canada is thrilled to announce its participation in the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada’s (CIAC) Save Plastic campaign.

As a proud member of CIAC, EnviroPod Canada stands alongside other industry leaders dedicated to showcasing groundbreaking products, technologies, and solutions aimed at advancing a circular economy for plastics.

The Save Plastic campaign is an impactful initiative that underscores the importance of innovation in tackling plastic waste. This program highlights the efforts of CIAC members who are making significant strides in reducing plastic pollution and promoting sustainable practices. EnviroPod Canada’s inclusion in this campaign underscores our commitment to environmental stewardship and our leadership in stormwater management solutions.

One of the key challenges in protecting our waterways is the management of plastic waste carried by stormwater. As stormwater flows through urban landscapes, it can pick up plastic litter, transporting it to drains and, ultimately, to our rivers, lakes, and oceans. This pollution poses a serious threat to aquatic ecosystems and water quality.

EnviroPod’s LittaTrap™ is a pioneering solution designed to address this issue head-on. Installed inside roadside drains, the LittaTrap™ acts as the last line of defense against plastic pollution. This innovative filter captures plastic waste before it can enter the stormwater system, effectively preventing it from reaching our waterways.

By intercepting plastic at the source, the LittaTrap™ plays a crucial role in protecting our environment.

Across North America, EnviroPod is making a tangible difference. Our expert engineers work tirelessly to test, refine, and deploy cutting-edge technologies that safeguard our natural resources. The LittaTrap™ is just one example of how our solutions are helping to create cleaner, healthier environments.

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