PACKAGING – Less is More


Another area of development was focused around making the product easier to handle, freight and store. The weight of Galvanised or Stainless steel metal construction means a heavy finished product. The earlier metal caged Enviropod was also bulky and hard to store and freight. “It didn’t seem like a smart idea shipping a whole bunch of air, so replacing the galvanised wire mesh cage meant we could have a collapsible flat pack design which could nest efficiently on pallets and warehouse recking, greatly reducing freight and storage costs”  Designer Greg Yeoman comments. “Sometimes we need to airfreight these which can cost an arm and a leg, so a smaller, lighter packaged product means savings to the customer  here every time”


The reduction in weight moving to composite plastic materials also meant that on-site handling became much easier. All flat packed components are packaged within a cardboard box  “The thing now arrives to site essentially in a giant pizza box, the recyclable cardboard packaging is also a much better look than the screeds of pallet wrap holding other pit inserts parts together”


Old Enviropod vs New Enviropod


Packaging has also been minimalised to reduce waste, including a QR code for installation instructions directing the installer to website installation guides and videos.


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