Enviropod International Ltd has engaged the services of Clean Waters USA, Inc. of California for sales, distribution and technical support for Enviropod LittaTrap customers located throughout the USA and Canada.   


Clean Waters USA is a premier North American distributor and provider of high quality, stormwater treatment systems and products for private and municipal customers throughout the USA and Canada.  The company was founded by William Harris who brings 30+ years of experience in the stormwater management industry.  Mr. Harris has successfully introduced a variety of new and innovative stormwater treatment technologies and products for use in the private, public and industrial sector markets throughout the USA.  


Mr.Harris and Enviropod co-founder, Mike Hannah, have also maintained a nearly 20-year relationship when Mr. Hannah demonstrated the first version of the Enviropod catch basin technology in 2002 in California.  Mr. Harris was instrumental in securing the location for the Enviropod demonstration to a local municipality.  



When Enviropod were seeking  to align the LittaTrap Inlet Filter System with a North American partner for our launch into the USA market, Mr. Harris and Clean Waters USA were the obvious choice to partner with in this venture.  Clean Waters USA is also based in California where the regulatory climate favors the use of proven stormwater trash capture technologies such as the Enviropod LittaTrap Inlet Filter System. Clean Waters USA was instrumental in assisting Enviropod International,Ltd with obtaining “Full Capture” device certification for the LittaTrap from the California State Water Board. 



Clean Waters USA is now actively promoting the Enviropod LittaTrap brand throughout the USA and Canada and has begun to engage private and municipal customers with completing new trash and plastic debris capture projects in California, Texas and the Great Lakes region.  Clean Waters USA is also engaged with municipal and State /Province regulatory agency contacts for obtaining regulatory approvals to support the use of the LittaTrap within their jurisdictions.  Clean Waters USA has extensive relationships with municipalities, engineers, and contractors.


“I am delighted to have Clean Waters USA take a lead role in bringing the Enviropod LittaTrap to the North American market and to be working with the Enviropod International team.  The LittaTrap offers civil engineers and end-users a far superior stormwater trash capture system and pre-treatment device that is simple to use and easier to maintain compared to any other similar type device on the market today.  Our goal is to bring the LittaTrap brand to every municipality, property developer and industrial facility owner throughout North America that has a need for eliminating trash, debris and plastics from entering our waterways.  We will accomplish this goal through our growing supplier distribution network and contractor alliances throughout North America. It’s also great to be working with Mike Hannah again.”


Will also has the support of Ms. Loretta Del Tessandro as Clean Waters USA’s Regional Sale Manager, who comes with a stormwater management industry background and is supporting Enviropod with our launch into the USA market.


We welcome our partnership with Will and Loretta from Clean Waters USA Inc.

If you wish to touch base with Will or Loretta, please contact them on Toll Free:  (877) 651-0566


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