EnviroPod™ would like to warmly welcome our new Distribution Partner, GeoSolutions, providing LittaTrap® across the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas.


Why did GeoSolutions chose to bring on LittaTrap?

As a company that prioritizes effective and innovative solutions over simply providing materials, we couldn’t pass up something like LittaTrap™. LittaTrap™ is a clear example of a passion-driven, engineered solution to a problem that affects us all. 


Part of Enviropod's mission statement is"A quarter-century of experience, smart design and engineering, investment in research and development, and constant innovation has led to our products becoming award-winning solutions to solve the global stormwater trash problem and prevent marine plastic pollution."  We are excited to align our multiple decades of expertise with a mission that speaks so well to GeoSolutions' core values. 

Who are GeoSolutions?

GeoSolutions has been the leader in geosynthetic solutions for over twenty years and whose expertise include designing and implementing Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP’s), storm water permitting, storm water compliance inspections, erosion/sediment control design and implementation, dewatering plans, and re-vegetation/stabilization methods.

GeoSolutions prepares and provides complete,site-specific Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans prepared in accordance with TCEQ storm water regulations for construction activities. The company also provides the required site inspections related to the SWPPP to maintain compliance.  Inspectors are CESSWI trained and certified. 


GeoSolutions also proudly offers expert planning, design and engineering services for site development projects.  As President and Founder CareyWitt states, “we are solutions providers first and material providers second.”

With offices in Austin, Corpus Christi,Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio and Oklahoma, GeoSolutions is the region's leading provider of products used in soil stabilization, erosion control and earth retention projects.

GeoSolutions gives back to the local and global communities through what they have coined as “GeoMinistries”, which have included projects such as drilling water wells for Rwandan orphanages and rebuilding homes for Houston families in need of disaster relief after Hurricane Harvey. 


GeoSolutions also supports military veterans by donating to Austin AmVets, as well as other profit and non-profit organizations such as Ben Hur Shriners, San Antonio Livestock Expedition and the Austin Council for the Blind.


To contact GeoSolutions please visit https://www.geosolutionsinc.com/geo-products/enviropod-littatrap-full-capture.php

Or contact them on +1 844.468.4743

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