Enviropod has been working with PDI, Canada’s leading bulk transporting and logistics company, to ensure they meet their objective of zero plastic pellet loss.

PDI are a privately-owned full-service bulk truck company that operate rail to bulk truck products to markets across Canada and North America. During this process, PDIdeal with large quantities of plastic resin pellets and although they are careful to ensure minimal plastic loss, it is inevitable that plastic pellets are lost during the process of transporting the plastic from rail to truck.


In an effort to prevent plastic pellet loss, PDI have now installed LittaTraps across two of their sites within Guelph, Ontario. This has led to the capture of several kilograms of plastic pellets that would have otherwise washed out into the Eramosa River, an area plagued by headlines after Guelph residents found resin pellets surfacing. It’s very encouraging to see PDI work towards keeping excess pollutants out of the waterways as they look to expand LittaTrap use across their other sites across Canada. Hopefully they are the first of many.


Enviropod is continuing this work with plastic manufacturers and will be undergoing atrial with the Canadian Plastics Industry Association and one of their members , Polytainers Incorporated. Polytainers are a member of the CPIA and OperationClean Sweep and are eager to look at the LittaTrap to adhere to their zero plastic waste policy. They will be trialing LittaTrap units at their site in Etobicoke, Toronto starting this month.


We are very excited to have been given the opportunity to work with the Canadian Plastics Industry Association and hope to continue to offer its members solutions to their plastic loss problem.

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