Presented by:

Will Harris

Vice-President of EnviroPod™
Thursday, March 28, 2024
1:00 pm

There are significant challenges with designing and installing suitable stormwater trash capture BMPs for placement inside municipal and privately owned catch basins. The primary concerns are the cost of installation and ongoing maintenance of trash-trapping devices that are designed to capture trash, plastic debris and other gross pollutants conveyed in runoff. In addition, there are further concerns with potential flooding of streets and utilities when using trash trapping devices inside local stormwater utility systems.

This presentation will address these challenges in detail along with providing examples of the most common types of trash and plastic debris conveyed in stormwater runoff. We will review a range of trash-trapping devices and technologies showcasing key design features and characteristics for capturing trash and debris at the stormwater utility. Attendees will be provided a list of key design factors in selecting one or more stormwater trash trapping devices inside their stormwater utility, including:

• Examples of Trash Trapping Device Hydraulics & Comparison of Features and benefits

• Example pollutant removal performance guidelines for Trash Trapping Devices

• Maintenance guidelines and cost considerations when selecting Trash Trapping devices

• Examples of trash trapping projects and associated project costs.

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