Presented by:

Mike Hannah

Technical Director
Thursday, July 21, 2022
12:00 pm

With 100% trash capture and certified in Canada using the ETV Oil and Grit Separator ISO 14034 Protocol for greater than 60% TSS removal; the EnviroBasin offers highly effective treatment in space-constrained coastal and urban environments and pre-treatment to detention tanks, raingardens and other low impact design (LID) structures.

Installing EnviroBasin on a project as an alternative to conventional catch basins removes the need for downstream oil and grit separators while still providing an equivalent level of stormwater treatment.  Removing downstream OGS systems can also results in more undersized pipes, maintenance holes, and other stormwater infrastructure in any stormwater project required to transport stormwater to a central treatment point.  

Join our product webinar to learn more about EnviroBasin and how this product can bring significant positive environmental change, and stormwater infrastructure and maintenance cost savings.

For more on the EnviroBasin. please contact Barry Irwin, Sales Manager via or book a meeting directly

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