40 Full Capture LittaTraps™ installed - Assortment of Grate and Curb Inlet configurations



Ontario Commerce

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EnviroPod™ is pleased to complete the successful installation of 40 EnviroPod™ LittaTrap™ Full Capture Filters at one of the Ontario Commerce Buildings in the Inland Empire West region of California. With a total area of 59,653 square feet, the industrial facility required Full Trash Capture devices as certified by the California State Water Resources Control Board.

The EnviroPod™ LittaTrap™ Full Trash Capture (LTFC) Filter combines the EnviroPod™ LittaTrap™ catch basin filter with a Full Trash Capture Liner. This innovative design is specifically engineered to capture solid particles 5 mm in size or larger, in compliance with the stringent requirements of the California State Water Resources Control Board. Our LTFC Filter is fully approved by the CA Water Board for Full Trash Capture requirements.

The (LTFC) was proposed as an equivalent replacement for the previously specified trash management devices.

LittaTrap™ was accepted for its superior features, including an 8-year warranty on static parts (the only trash capture device on the market offering such warranty) and patented MVAC-compliant hinged mosquito vector inspection portal, along with its verified performance for full capture of trash and pollutants larger than 5mm in size.

To effectively manage the site stormwater and trash capture requirements, we installed a range of EnviroPod™ LittaTrap™ grate inlet configurations and EMMA (Easy Manhole Maintenance Access) curb inlet configurations at the site. In addition, we integrated various accessories, such as EnviroPod's™ sustainable Oil Absorbent - LavaSorb™, which efficiently absorbs hydrocarbons and other free oils from stormwater runoff.

Our LittaTrap™ Full Trash Capture Filters are approved to capture gross pollutants 5mm and larger, ensuring compliance with the rigorous standards set by the California State Water Resources Control Board.

We take great pride in our ability to address the full trash capture stormwater management needs of this project. Our team worked closely with the engineers to provide a reliable and effective stormwater management solution.

Site location

LittaTrap™ FC Grate Inlet configuration installed

LavaSorb™ Installed on LittaTrap™
LavaSorb™ installed on LittaTrap™