Enviropod International Ltd is pleased to announce the City of Gold Coast and Blacktown City Council has accepted the improved Enviropod200™ design as being functionally equivalent in performance efficiency to the original Enviropod200™  design, tested and used in Australia since 1998.

The acceptance is for stormwater management measures within private developments and is for use as  a stand-alone treatment device or in a treatment train with other downstream, filtration, or other  treatment devices such as ponds and wetlands.  Enviropod technologies are installed in new  or existing gully pits, requiring no construction or additional infrastructure.  

The Enviropod200™  is a cost effective pre-treatment solution targeting gross pollutants, sediment and associated nutrients and pollutants, and the use of the Enviropod200™  reduces the size of downstream treatment devices and lowers maintenance costs.  

The Improvements to the original Enviropod gully pit insert technology has resulted in a device with easier installation and operation, and is made from more robust materials with a 8 year warranty on all static parts.  

Enviropod International is the world’s leading gully pit technology suppler with its products being used to meet stormwater regulations in Australia, Canada New Zealand and the USA.  

Enviropod technologies are available nationwide from our distributors across Australia or contact the Enviropod team for more information on the approvals

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