EnviroPod™ Launches LittaTrap™ Giveaway in Canada to Support Research, Education, and Non-profit Organizations in their Mission for Cleaner Waterways


EnviroPod™, a leading environmental stormwater solutions provider, is thrilled to announce the LittaTrap™ giveaway, an initiative aimed at supporting research, education, and non-profit organizations that are dedicated to improving the health of our waterways. 


In recognition of the vital work these environmental champions undertake, EnviroPod™ is offering 10 x LittaTrap catch basin inserts to help protect local waterways 


Clean waterways are crucial for the well-being of communities, wildlife, and the environment at large. EnviroPod™ firmly believes that by empowering organizations committed to cleaner water systems, we can collectively create a positive impact on our planet.


"We are excited to launch the LittaTrap™ giveaway and extend our support to organizations working tirelessly to improve waterway conditions," said Mike Hannah, Co-founder at EnviroPod™. "By providing LittaTrap™ devices, we aim to equip these champions with a powerful tool that can significantly contribute to the preservation of their local water sources."


The LittaTrap™ is an innovative and effective solution designed to capture and prevent litter and debris from entering stormwater systems and, ultimately, water bodies. By using the LittaTrap™, organizations can not only protect their local waterways but also play a crucial role in preventing the harmful impact of pollution on aquatic ecosystems.


Participating in the LittaTrap™ Giveaway is straightforward. Organizations interested in entering can simply visit the official entry form on EnviroPod’s™ website (https://www.enviropod.com/en-ca/lp/littatrap-giveaway) and provide details about what makes their river, lake, ocean, or local watershed special. Submissions will be evaluated, and the selected organizations will be awarded a LittaTrap™to help further their environmental initiatives.


The LittaTrap™ Giveaway is open exclusively to research, education, and non-profit organizations based in Canada. EnviroPod™ encourages all eligible organizations to participate and seize this opportunity to make a significant difference in their local communities and the environment.


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